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Mass Save® HEAT Loan

0% Interest. 100% Easy.

The Mass Save® HEAT Loan offers interest-free financing opportunities up to $25,000 for energy-efficient home upgrades like the installation of air source heat pumps (central or ductless mini-split), heat pump water heaters, insulation, and more.

To get started, give is a call or fill out our request form, and we will call you to provide you with additional information and schedule you a Home Energy Assessment (if you have not had one within the past 2 years).

How To Apply For The HEAT Loan

Step 1: Complete Your Energy Assessment. 

Alpine Heat Pumps is an Approved Mass Save Heat Pump Installer and will schedule you with your local Mass Save Partner to perform a Mass Save Energy Assessment on your home.

Step 2: We Submit Your Project for HEAT Loan Authorization to Mass Save.

After receiving a proposal for either a Heat Pump or Hybrid Electric Water Heater, Alpine Heat Pumps can submit your project to Mass Save for your HEAT Loan Authorization (this is your ticket to use the 0% Interest at one of the participating banks).

Step 3: Secure the loan. 

We will recommend a local bank you can apply for the 0% Interest loan with. You will submit a loan application, the HEAT Loan Authorization Form, and a signed proposal. If approved, the lender will provide you with a two-party check made payable to you and Alpine Heat Pumps

Step 4: Endorse the Bank Check to Alpine Heat Pumps. 

You will sign the back of the check to endorse the payment to Alpine Heat Pumps, and once we receive that (and/or a 1/2 down payment for your project) we will move your project forward through completion.

Step 5: Complete/Pay Your Project Final Balance.  

On the day of install completion, you complete/pay the final balance of your project

Step 6: We Apply for your Rebate & Warranty. 

Once your project is paid-in-full, Alpine Heat Pumps will submit for your manufacturer warranty and Mass Save Rebate. As an Approved Mass Save Installer, Alpine Heat Pump clients have the advantage of expedited rebate processing by Mass Save and receive their rebates faster than applying themselves or when working with other companies.

Start Your Mass Save HEAT Loan Process.

We can help navigate through the process!

Eligibility for a Mass Save HEAT Loan

  • The Mass Save HEAT Loan is available to qualified customers participating in the Mass Save Program.
  • Loan applicant must be the homeowner.
  • Residents must have a current residential electric account.
  • Note: Municipal electric customers can take advantage of the Mass Save HEAT Loan offer if the home is heated with natural gas provided by a Mass Save Program Sponsor.
  • Financing is only available for qualifying energy-efficient improvements outlined within the Mass Save HEAT Loan packet.
  • Financing is contingent upon loan approval from a participating lender.

About Alpine Heat Pumps

We Offer Cutting-Edge Heat Pump & HVAC Technology!

Alpine Heat Pumps specializes in delivering energy efficiency to homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts. Our range of modern and cost-effective services focus on improving comfort and air quality, decreasing total energy consumption, and supplying our clients with a return on investment that continues to pay for itself as the cost of energy continues to rise.

Mass Save Heat Pump Contractor in Massachusetts

Get Your Mass Save Rebates & 0% Mass Save Heat Loan

We'll do the paperwork for you!

Most heat pump systems qualify for big rebates & 0% interest financing through Mass Save® Rebates and the Mass Save Heat Loan. What’s more, as a top Mass Save Heat Pump provider in Massachusetts, we do all the paperwork to ensure you are authorized to apply for the 0% – 7 year financing and get your rebate once your project is completed.

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