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Heat Pump Installation Amherst Massachusetts

Heat Pump Installation Amherst Massachusetts

Searching for heat pumps in Amherst, MA? Alpine Heat Pumps is a local Amherst Massachusetts heat pump installation and HVAC company. Undoubtedly, we offer the best heating and cooling solutions in town. From mini-splits a.k.a. heat pumps, to hybrid water heaters and other HVAC services, you can count on us to take great care of all your needs.

Heat Pump Installation Amherst Massachusetts

Mass Save Heat Pump Contractor in Amherst Massachusetts

Mass Save® Heat Pump Rebates & Heat Loans in Amherst, MA.

Alpine Heat Pumps is an approved contractor listed on the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network. We are authorized to use the Mass Save 0% Interest HEAT Loan for eligible clients.

Furthermore, Alpine Heat Pumps ensures its clients receive their rebates by filling out all the paperwork and completing the rebate submission process on their behalf.

We are the professionals, and we want our clients to feel at ease, knowing that they have an approved Mass Save Heat Pump Installer in Amherst.

Amherst Massachusetts Heat Pump Installers

A heat pump is very different from your typical furnace or boiler because it can both heat and cool your home. Additionally, various factors determine how much a new heat pump installation in Amherst Massachusetts will cost.

Moreover, the type of heat pump you choose has the largest impact. Our expert HVAC technicians at Alpine will help you narrow down the best heat pump options for your home.

Heat Pump Contractor MA

What are the most popular new heat pump installations in Amherst, MA?


For instance, air-source is the most common heat pump to install in Amherst, MA. air-to-air heat pumps absorb heat directly from the outside air & move it inside to heat your home.


In another case, a common application of a new heat pump installation is with a ductless heating & cooling system. Furthermore, mini-split systems can function on their own or they can supplement an existing HVAC system, such as a furnace or boiler.

Heat Pump Contractor MA

Why get a heat pump installed in Amherst, MA?

Undoubtedly, heat pumps are an extraordinary heating choice for homes in Amherst, Massachusetts. As a matter of fact, you can save good money utilizing the Mass Save Rebates and Mass Save Heat Loan.

Not to mention, when installed and used properly, heat pumps can considerably lower heating costs. However, you’ll need to make an educated decision about whether to add a heat pump, and what type of system you should install.

By the same token, if you’re thinking of having a heat pump installed, but are hesitant to make such an important decision, our experts at Alpine Heat Pumps in Amherst, Massachusetts are here to help.

Exceptional Heat Pump Services In Amherst, MA, And The Surrounding Areas

Without doubt, in winter or summer, heat pumps, a.k.a. mini-splits keep up with Amherst, Massachusetts’ variable climate very well. Undeniably, these HVAC systems are more efficient than gas furnaces and most alternatives.

Additionally, they don’t burn fuel, and they provide dependable heating and cooling all year round. If you’re ready to replace your heating or cooling system, schedule a consultation and take advantage of the No-Cost Mass Save Energy Assessment, Mass Save Rebate, and the Mass Save Heat Loan for your heat pump installation in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Mini Split Installation Contractor in Massachusetts