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Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are the most efficient of all air-source heat pumps. Since no ductwork is used, there is very little distribution losses. Heated or cooled air is pumped directly into each room by the indoor evaporator unit. Each indoor unit operates as its own zone, providing customized comfort to each area of your home.

Alpine Heat Pumps Elite C


Heat pump technology allows you to enjoy more precise and customizable comfort in one room or your entire home, bringing you:

Room by Room Preferences

Targeted home heating and cooling systems allow you to set each room to the perfect temperature.

Eco-Friendly Home HVAC

Heating and cooling your home with heat pumps reduces your carbon footprint.

Single and Multi-Zone Options

Single-zone systems are specifically designed to work with 1 indoor evaporator and provide heating and cooling at the highest efficiency possible. The variable speed compressor operates in perfect unison to minimize electric consumption and maximize BTU output.

Multi-zone systems, are a more cost-effective option, as just one outdoor unit can connect up to 8 indoor units. The variable speed compressors are designed to provide heating or cooling to multiple indoor evaporators, and allow the evaporators to operate independently, ensuring each unit can provide the right amount of heating or cooling to achieve its programmed comfort setting.

Kumo Cloud Control

Mitsubishi Electric’s Kumo Cloud provides complete wireless control from any smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world with internet connection. Whether you’re out for the day or the month, you can monitor your home’s temperature, and fully control your system with just a few touches, and save energy while you’re away.

There is a better way to heat and cool homes in Massachusetts.

Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology!
Technologically advanced mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps can provide exceptional comfort, reduced energy costs, zero emissions, and super-quiet heating and air conditioning in any climate. Contact Alpine Heat Pumps to learn more about our energy efficient home heating and cooling solutions in Massachusetts.

Multiple Indoor Unit Options