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Central & Ducted Heat Pumps

A central heat pump combines a ducted, multi-position air handler with an outdoor condenser unit to deliver heating or cooling quietly and efficiently throughout your home. Central heat pumps are great for replacing existing gas or oil furnaces that already have ductwork in place, or for new homes and additions.

They come with a high efficiency EC motor with variable fan speeds for optimal airflow within the connected ductwork. Built-in humidifier, ERV, and auxiliary heat control outputs come standard on the multi position air handlers and optional electric heat kits are available for extreme weather climates. A central heat pump will maximize your home comfort and provide energy savings year after year. Switching off of fossil fuels has never been easier.

Alpine Heat Pumps Elite C


Heat pump technology allows you to enjoy more precise and customizable comfort in one room or your entire home, bringing you:

Room by Room Preferences

Targeted home heating and cooling systems allow you to set each room to the perfect temperature.

Eco-Friendly Home HVAC

Heating and cooling your home with heat pumps reduces your carbon footprint.

There is a better way to heat and cool homes in Massachusetts.

Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology!
Technologically advanced mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps can provide exceptional comfort, reduced energy costs, zero emissions, and super-quiet heating and air conditioning in any climate. Contact Alpine Heat Pumps to learn more about our energy efficient home heating and cooling solutions in Massachusetts.

Heat Pump Contractor in Massachusetts